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Where does Effective Cleaning Services operate?

This November we bring you a new blog because we like to keep our customers well informed and that is why we want to talk to you aboutthe areas covered by Effective Cleaning Services.

You will find it very interesting and maybe you will discover something you didn't know so we recommend that apart from reading the following blog, contact us in case you have any questions and visit our website, where we provide you with a lot of interesting information and we are sure that it will be very useful. We also have several social media platforms where you can also find out a lot about Effective Cleaning Services.

As you know, Effective Cleaning Services is a cleaning company that operates mainly in Ireland, more specifically in the city of Cork. But what type of cleaning services do we really offer?

We provide general cleaning services . General cleaning is a type of a maintenance cleaning service. The cleaner concentrate on the most visible part of the property like floors, countertops, bathrooms etc. We do not provide equipment and cleaning chemicals for this type of service. We only send the cleaner.

Secondly, deep cleaning, i.e. deep cleanings is when we provide the necessary equipment and send at least two cleaners to ensure that the cleanings achieve the results that our clients expect. In this type of cleaning, we work from the centre of Cork up to a 50km radius, meaning that we offer extensive cleaning services that reach most parts of the Cork area so we like to reach out to all our clients to offer a comprehensive and tailored cleaning service.

The only parts of Cork that our company does not operate in, are the following: Skibbereen, Charleville, Dunmanway and others still further out of the city.

And last but not least, commercial cleaning, where we offer a cleaning service to businesses and schools. These include both general cleaning and deep cleaning and are tailored to each client depending on their needs and requirements. For this type of cleaning, the company operates in Cork City and County.

Once you have found out where our company operates and the different services we offer, we want you to know a little more. That's why we find it interesting to tell you that our company has been providing commercial and office cleaning services for more than seven years in different public and private entities in Cork. The quality of service and the feedback from our clients is very positive and we believe that we do a good job and that we adapt to the needs of each and every company.

Before we finish and in case you have any doubts, we leave you a link to our website where you can find all the detailed information and if you are still not convinced you can also contact us. We have an office that works daily to answer all the necessary queries and our administrative staff will be happy to talk to you.

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