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Our Services

Domestic Cleaning Services

When it comes to maintaining a clean and welcoming home, residents in Cork can rely on the exceptional domestic cleaning services provided by Effective Cleaning Services. Our regular general cleaning service is designed to keep your home consistently tidy and fresh. Our skilled domestic cleaners will handle all essential cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and surface disinfection. We customize the cleaning schedule to match your preferences and ensure that your home is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.

For a more thorough cleaning, our deep cleaning service reaches every nook and cranny of your home. Our professional cleaners will meticulously clean hard-to-reach areas, remove stubborn stains, and eliminate hidden dirt and allergens. Whether you need a deep clean before a special event or simply want a top-to-bottom refresh, our deep cleaning service guarantees exceptional results.


Once-off General Cleaning

  • It is done for a minimum of three hours

  • There is no contract

  • It starts from €60 a session

  • Only one cleaner comes and we don't provide cleaning material

  • You can book at anytime

  • We provide this service in Cork City and surrounding villages, if you are not sure about your area contact us before booking.

woman cleaning an office

Weekly Regular Cleaning

  • Four sessions are done for a minimum of three hours in a month

  • It starts from €240

  • Only one cleaner comes and we don't provide cleaning material.

  • You can book at anytime

  • We provide this service in Cork City and surrounding villages, if you are not sure about your area contact us before booking.


Bi-weekly Regular Cleaning

  • Two sessions are done in a month for a minimum of three hours

  • It starts from €120

  • Only one cleaner comes and we don't provide cleaning material

  • You can book at anytime

  • We provide this service in Cork City and surrounding villages, if you are not sure about your area contact us before booking.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is top to bottom. We offer a comprehensive deep cleaning services for all types of domestic properties. People require deep cleaning for various reasons.

Here are some of the reasons for deep cleaning. 

  • A property requires a deep clean at least twice a year. During this time areas which are not normally cleaned during general cleaning are cleaned too. Skirting boards, radiators, under the furniture, inside presses, blinds, windows etc.

  • End of tenancy deep cleaning is also required when moving in or out of property. It is important to leave the place clean so that the landlord do not have a reason to withhold your deposit. When moving in, it's just a case of personal hygiene where you would like to move into a clean and fresh place.

  • You may also require a deep cleaning when you are celebrating important events and holidays and you are going to receive friends and family. Days like Christmas, Easter, New year, Christening , weddings, birthdays etc.

  • Last but not least, deep cleaning is required in properties which have not been inhabited for a long time or where disasters have happened like a fire.

Effective Cleaning Services can provide you with deep cleaning services. Our domestic cleaners are well trained to do deep cleaning. Our deep cleaning services are accompanied by a checklist which shows everything we are going to clean. Deep cleaning covers the following:

  • All inside windows and windows sills, Blinds, All surfaces, Furniture, Under and behind furniture.

  • Outside of presses/cupboards, Inside of presses/cupboards, Inside of presses/cupboards. 

  • All floors (hover and mop), Bathrooms, showers and toilets, Wardrobes, Walls.

  • Microwave, Toaster, Washing machines, Oven and Fridge.

  • Skirting boards, Doors, Radiator.

NB: We will give you a quote by email or phone. But in cases of houses where no one was living there for a long time, shared houses, student houses or moldy house we may require to see it first before the booking or there maybe an extra charge when the cleaners arrive.

Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment is crucial for productivity, employee well-being, and leaving a lasting impression on clients. Effective Cleaning Services, a trusted provider of commercial cleaning services, offers comprehensive solutions to businesses in Cork. With a team of skilled professionals, advanced cleaning techniques, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your commercial space is impeccably clean and ready for success.

NB: All commercial cleaning bookings are done by email or over the phone. Only domestic cleaners can book online.

Terms and Conditions

  • We do not supply any cleaning materials or products (For deep cleaning, products are provided).

  • You can cancel within 72 hours of the cleaning being done with no charges incurred.

  • If you cancel within 72 hours a €70 cancellation fee will be charged.

  • Booking for all general cleaning services is done on our book online page. While for deep cleaning they are done by phone or email.

  • When booking online we collect your details like name, email address, and payment.

  • Deep cleaning is done by two cleaners or more.

  • Cupboards and shelves should be emptied by the owner a day before the cleaning.

  • The fridge must be switched off a day before the cleaning.

  • The owner must make sure there is a supply of hot water.

  • Loose pictures on the walls will not be cleaned.

  • If you offer the cleaners anything from your house please send us an email to confirm it.

  • If you are not happy with the service notify us within 12 hours and if we check and see the problem we will fix it

  • We don't offer any refunds unless the job is canceled.


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