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15 Frequently Asked Questions about Effective Cleaning Services


Hello and welcome to our frequently asked questions and answers blog. In order to improve our customers experience, we have listed 15 questions commonly asked aboutg our cleaning services. Check them out below and if your question is not listed and answered here, please contact us with your question, we will answer it for you and if it is of a general nature, we will add it to our questions and answers below.

1. How do I book your services? This is one of thec most common frequently asked questions

Simply click the 'Book Online' section on our website and fill out the booking form. You will receive an email the same business day confirming the reservation. You can also call (021) 202-1153 to book your cleaning service.

2. Do I have to pay in advance?

One of the main reasons we ask for an upfront payment of services is to seal the contract. Upfront payments ensure the job is happening. It’s not just for the company’s benefit. It’s for customers also because you’re guaranteed our cleaning staff will show up and do their job. Once you’ve paid for the service, you have peace of mind that the cleaners will do their job in your specified time window.

3. How far in advance should I book my cleaning?

Availability varies depending on the time of year, we advise our customers to book their cleaning with as much notice as they can. If you have an emergency give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

4. What is the difference between a general cleaning and a deep cleaning?

General Cleaning

When you hire Effective Cleaning Services cleaners for a “regular cleaning,” this is going to include the things you would do on a weekly basis. A regular cleaning is designed to help maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your house.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning service will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will cover the areas that aren’t typically covered in a regular cleaning service.

Deep cleaning is much more thorough than a regular cleaning service. It also takes longer to complete.

5. How long does a deep cleaning take?

There is no set amount of time - it all depends on the current condition of your home. To get a good approximation, take the number of bedrooms in your home and make that into hours. Example: 2 bedrooms = 2 hours.

6. Are your Cleaners Fully trained?

Our Cleaners are fully trained. They know how to clean correctly and safely and how to treat your property with respect. It means every individual hired cleaner of Effective Cleaning Services goes through a thorough screening process, and then is trained in every aspect of our home cleaning services. This ensures you have the best cleaners in Cork and receive high-quality service every time.

7. What if I am not happy with the service?

We stand behind our service. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 12 hours so we can re-evaluate. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We must be provided at least 72 hours in the event we agree, we should come back to you with a solution.

8. What if I pay for the service and nobody shows up?

At Effective Cleaning Services we have professional and trustworthy cleaners, we ensure someone always shows up to clean your home or commercial property.

9. Do you provide Cleaning Materials?

Yes, we provide the cleaning equipment and cleaning materials, for deep cleanings. For General cleaning, the customer needs to provide the equipment and chemicals, in the event a customer needs us to bring the cleaning materials and equipment that can be arranged at, an extra charge.

10. Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. To obtain proof of insurance, you can email us at and we'll send you our current documentation.

11. What if my cleaner is sick?

If your devoted cleaner is sick or on holiday, we will ensure that a replacement is sent over and is fully trained in cleaning your specific property.

12. How do I reach you outside working hours?

Office hours are between 9 AM-5 PM, outside of this you will have to contact our dedicated Customer Service Agent by email. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

13. Will we always have the same cleaner?

Yes, you will, while the cleaner is still working with us. We like to keep the same cleaner because they will become more efficient and effective at cleaning your premises. We like our cleaners to build long-term relationships within the team in which they work and then benefit from regular refresher onsite training.

14. What is your cancellation policy?

We never have any contracts when we clean your place. The only thing we ask is that if you have to cancel or reschedule your cleaning, give us 72 hours' notice. If you cancel or reschedule within 72 hours there is no fee. If you cancel within 3 hours of the appointment it is 10% of the cleaning cost. If you cancel with the cleaner there or we are locked out the full price will be charged.

15. What is your hourly rate?

We don't offer a standardized price as every house and company has different requirements. Our competitive prices are tailored to your needs so that you don't pay for anything you don't need. While we make every effort to keep all homes within our flat-rate pricing, for “Deep Cleaning”, homes that are extra dirty or larger than normal, the given number of bedrooms and bathrooms may incur additional charges over the flat-rate fee. We are happy to provide a complete competitive quote.

Thank you in advance for reviewing our questions and answers feel free to contact us with your cleaning service request.

We are always at your service!

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