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How to remove crayon marks from walls

Crayon marks
Crayon marks

Does anybody have a little artist that uses crayons on the walls to do masterpieces?

I remember when my daughter was three years old, she decided after she ran out of paper that she would colour on the walls. In my mind I didn’t know whether to give out to her or cuddle her and say well done. I secretly love the creativity, although I probably should never admit that out loud to my daughter. So when it does happen, take a deep breath and remember this is not the end of the world. You can have nice things; this is just a phase and they will grow out of it. Next, take a calm moment to explain to the aspiring artist why colouring on the walls is a “no-no” and show them what they can colour on.

In the end I took a picture of it and told her unfortunately we have to clean it off. She cried and said but why? I told her that it is amazing but the walls are not for drawing on. To me this never happened before so I didn’t know where to start. Of course, I rang my mum and asked her what I should do.

So here is a few Tips to to remove crayon marks easily

1. Just use a damp cloth dip it in baking soda and lightly scrub the marks on the wall. It should come off very easy.

2. Spray some WD-40 onto the marks and wipe with a clean cloth. WD-40 will not damage the paint or most wallpaper but my advice is to test it out on fabric or a corner of the wall first. WD-40 is amazing. It will also remove marker and crayon marks from furniture and appliances.

3. You will never believe this one. Everyone has tooth-paste at home so grab the toothpaste but it on top of the marks. Use a scrubbing brush and roll up your sleeves and use elbow grease and scrub the tooth-paste into the marks. You will see the marks disappearing. But don’t forget to rinse it with water.

4. Cucumber: Keep the peel on and just rub the outside of the cucumber on your wall. Seems a little crazy, right?

5. Set your iron on low heat level. Hold the paper bag over the crayon marks. Rub the iron over the paper bag until the crayon melts into the paper.

6. Bay Oil - I was not very sure of this, but this works. Just dab a rag in baby oil and wipe off the marks gently.

7. Use a bit of steel wool soap pad to remove the marks, instead of scrubbing in a circle go in one direction and your wall will be back to clean and fresh in no time.

8. Well when my mum told me about this tip I said this is not going to happen. Simply rub some mayonnaise from your fridge on the crayon marks and let it soak in for several minutes. Then just wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.

9. Pencil Easer - Easiest way is to just rub the crayon marks off using a pencil eraser. Plastic crayons are all erasable, but even wax crayon marks can be taken off using an eraser.

10. The next one will make you feel relaxed. If you have lemon essential oil, Q tip, water and a wash cloth. All you have to do is put one drop of lemon essential oil on a Q tip and rub it on to the crayon mark on the wall. The crayon should easily come off without removing the paint from the wall.

11. Hair Dryer - I found that using a hair dryer, which heats up the crayon wax on the wall, allowed me to easily remove crayon from walls with a simple wet and soapy cloth. I heated up the crayon on the walls, scrubbed them with the cloth, and off the marks came! However, I found that my hand would get tired of holding the hairdryer and the room started to heat up quite a bit. It would be too warm.

12. If you go dealz or euro giant pick up the magic easer. It does remove the crayon from the wall.

13. Nail Polish Remover - Nail polish remover can remove more than your chipped nail paint. Take some on a cotton ball or a cotton cloth and clean the marks. It instantly removes marks.

14. Take a dishwasher tablet on a wet scrubber and rub gently over the crayon marks. Finally rub off with a damp cloth and poof the marks are gone.

15. Rubbing Alcohol – Rub some alcohol like vodka on the marks and it should disappear.

16. My best advice is to get your little artist to clean the wall themselves. Hand them non-toxic cleaning tools and show them how to clean up the mess they have created. In all likelihood they probably won’t get all crayon markings off to your satisfaction, but in the interest of creating positive feelings within them about chores, we recommend praising their efforts. You can clean the rest with some serious elbow grease and restore your wall to its former glory.

If you never want to see your little angels leaving crayon marks again my advice is to throw away all those crayons and go to the shop and buy washable crayons. It may cost you a bit more than the regular crayon but they will save you time in the future. Washable crayons come off like a dream. Talk about an easy way how to remove crayon from walls!

Bad news - Sometimes, even after your best efforts to remove the crayon marks from the wall, some surfaces will simply have to be repainted to restore them to their former state before your child started working on their masterpiece. Sorry. Good news, now you can try that new colour you were looking at the other day.

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