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Basic house cleaning kit

house cleaning kit
Cleaning products

We often wonder what is the basic house cleaning kit to keep at home, so today we would like to give you the products that we consider basic for any cleaning.

Ammonia tops the list of the basic house cleaning kit

This is one of the most effective products for cleaning a house, its multiple uses make it perfect.

It can be used as a degreaser, to give shine to tiles, glass and household appliances and to remove certain stains from upholstery and carpets.

You have to take into account that you have to dilute it with water (the manufacturers indicate the necessary amount to dilute). Another important fact is that it should never be mixed with bleach because it creates toxic gases that are very harmful to our health.

Window cleaner

When we talk about window cleaners, normally only one use comes to mind: cleaning windows. But this is not the case, we can use them to shine tiles or to remove fingerprints from metal surfaces.


It is one of the most widely used disinfectants in the home as it helps to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi...

That is why it is essential in kitchens and bathrooms as these are the places where most germs and bacteria accumulate.

An example of the uses we can give it is to remove certain yellow stains on our white walls or to clean the bathrooms (there is special toilet bleach that does not damage the enamel of the urinals).

Grease Remover

It is a must in our home, it will allow us to remove the most encrusted dirt. Just spray it on, leave it to act, rub it in, rinse it and dry it. You will see how it removes all the grease from the oven, extractor hood or any other place.


It is important to have different cloths or cloths to clean the different surfaces in the house:

  • For dust: a soft microfibre cloth.

  • Mirrors and glass surfaces: lint-free microfibre cloth.

  • Kitchen: if possible, it is best to have a special one for the ceramic hob and one for the worktop.

  • Bathroom: one for the toilet and one for all other surfaces.

cleaning cloths
House cleaning cloths

Broom and mop

Other cleaning essentials are the broom/vacuum cleaner and the mop. Without them we would not be able to leave the floors in perfect condition.


For the most difficult to remove stains on shower screens and taps, the anti-limescale will help us. It is important to clean the areas that are constantly with water with an anti-limescale, because if we leave it for when the stains are very big, it will be more difficult to leave it clean.


Gloves for cleaning act as protectors of our skin against cleaning products, bacteria and germs.

Having talked about the products that we consider essential, we would like to give you some tips when buying cleaning products.

It is important that when you go to buy any cleaning product you pay attention to certain aspects:

  • Surfaces for which they are intended, as a product for wood is not the same as a product for granite.

  • How to use it, here you will be told how to use it and how much is needed.

  • How to store it: temperature, if it has to be exposed to sunlight...

  • Warning labels of potential hazards of the product.

danger signs
Danger signs

It is very important to always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, so that we get the result we want and avoid any problems.

We hope this post will help you to make your basic cleaning kit which includes ammonia, bleach, glass cleaner, grease remover, cloths, broom, mop, limescale remover and gloves. And may our tips also be of great help to you.


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Jenifer Martain
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Effective Cleaning
Nov 21, 2023
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