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The difference between domestic deep cleaning and general cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Grout Cleaning

I had interacted with thousands of customers looking for domestic deep cleaning and general cleaning services. Over the years, l learned that a lot of people don't understand the difference between deep cleaning and general cleaning. I have explained the difference a hundred times over the phone. I felt it would be ideal to straighten it out here.

There are four fundamental differences between deep cleaning and general cleaning.

1. The windows are cleaned during deep cleaning and not during general cleaning.

General cleaning as the name suggests is an everyday type of cleaning which is not labour intensive. General cleaning is done to maintain a clean house in a pristine state. It usually involves cleaning the floors, countertops, bathrooms, making beds and emptying bins. This the type of cleaning is usually done once a week. Deep cleaning goes a step further, we clean inside window s(Other companies clean outside also.) , windows and blinds. The next time you do window cleaning remember it's part of deep cleaning. It's something you don't clean every day like floors and bathrooms.

2. The oven and fridge are cleaned deep cleaning

The oven and the fridge are two kitchen appliances which take a lot of time to clean. They form a vital part of deep cleaning. Some cleaning companies clean ovens separately. Although ovens are a part of a deep cleaning, they are usually charged separately. Cleaning an oven is a very labour-intensive job and very strong cleaning chemicals are used. We clean do oven cleaning as part of domestic deep cleaning.

3. Deep Cleaning is done by more than one cleaner.

Deep cleaning is a labour intensive job. It needs a top to bottom cleaning approach to do it. Two or more cleaners are needed to deep clean a house unless it's a very small house. Deep cleaning involves jobs like moving couches and bed so clean underneath. One cleaner will not be able to move furniture alone. It also takes a very long time. Unless it is your house that you can clean over a day or two, you may need an extra hand.

4. The cleaning chemicals needed may differ.

When you are carrying out extensive cleaning, you need cleaning chemicals that will get the job done. When we clean generally, we use normal cleaning chemicals like a multipurpose cleaner. Deep cleaning involves the cleaning of gritty and hard stains. There won't come out easily using the normal everyday cleaning products. Special more harder cleaning products are needed. Cleaning with warm water also makes deep cleaning much easier.

5. More specialised cleaning equipment is needed for deep cleaning

I pointed in my previous explanations that deep cleaning is a labour-intensive job. You need the correct set of tools to do it effectively. For example you need window cleaning tools, a carpet cleaner if you are going to clean carpets and ladders if working on heights. A deep cleaning with no proper tools is like a half-baked cake.

6. Deep cleaning is much more expensive than general cleaning

I think by now you have already realised that deep cleaning is a lot of work. It needs more resources, take more time and it involves some safety risk. It is reasonable that the price is much higher than general cleaning. The good news is that deep cleaning is not done regularly. It is usually done once every six months, or when you are buying a property or moving house.


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