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How to keep your windows clean

Cleaning windows is one of the least favorite tasks when it comes to cleaning the house because when you get them perfect, they get dirty again very quickly due to the accumulation of dust or finger marks, among other things.

In this July blog we want to explain some simple steps to clean them and give you some tips on how to clean your windows properly and get the best results. We will also give you some tips on how to clean computers and TV screens and shower screens.

STEPS on keeping your windows clean

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the dirt from the windows. It is recommended to use a duster or a lint-free cloth for this purpose.

  2. The next step is to use a glass cleaner, either in spray or wax format. A mistake that we must avoid in this step is to apply the spray directly on the glass, we must apply it on the cloth that has been destined to the cleaning of the glass.

  3. Finally, once the glass has been cleaned, depending on the product used, we will do one thing or another. If it is wax, we must let it dry before removing the product, but if we have used spray we must remove the product before it dries, this way we will avoid marks.

window cleaning
Window cleaning


  • Time to clean the windows. It is important that when you are going to clean the windows you do not do it in direct sunlight so that you can see the stains properly. For this reason, it is recommended to do it on cloudy days, even if there is a risk of rain, early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

  • Frequency. Cleaning should be regular, especially of the part that is in contact with the outside. Regular cleaning will ensure that they always look clean and it will also be easier to clean them as they will be less dirty.

  • Suitable material. It is very important that the cloths that are used to clean the windows are clean and do not release lint, this way we will avoid that when we pass the cloth there is no lint on our clean glass. When choosing the glass cleaner it is advisable, if you have the option, to choose one that repels water, dust and dirt.

  • Cleaning of other parts. When cleaning glass and windows, it is best to clean frames and brackets as well in order to obtain a homogeneous cleaning of the entire window.

  • Cleaning direction. It is important to clean from top to bottom, from the outside with vertical strokes and from the inside with horizontal strokes or the other way round. This will allow us to bring the dirt downwards and we will be able to see on which side of the glass the stain is, if we have any left.


  • Computer and TV screens. There are special sprays for computer screens, so it is advisable to buy one of these. As with windows, it is also necessary to use a lint-free cloth. The cloth used to clean the screen should be damp, never soaked, and the pressure should be moderate. In this way we avoid drops of the product falling that could damage our computer and with the pressure we exert we will not damage it either.

  • Shower screens. A tip to keep it always clean is to wipe the shower screen with a lint-free cloth after every shower, as well as leaving the bathroom door open to avoid condensation. When cleaning it, as with the window panes, there are specific products for it that should be rubbed from top to bottom and in a different direction on each side to be able to discover the stains that remain.

Screen cleaning
Screen cleaning

In order that you can avoid having to do some of this work, Effective Cleaning Services in its Deep Cleaning service includes the cleaning of the inside of your windows. Therefore we encourage you to contact us, we are happy to do it for you.


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