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Places of your home bacteria accumulates the most

Today we want to talk aboutplaces of your home bacteria accumulates the most. The purpose of this is to clean them more regularly, whether we do it ourselves or we trust a cleaning company .

Bacteria thrives in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where bacteria accumulates the most. The handling of food and the humidity produced when cooking favour the proliferation of microbes.

Cutting board

Raw foods such as meat and fish are handled on them, which leads to a large number of bacteria on these utensils. It is advisable to clean them several times a week, always taking into account the materials they are made of so as not to damage them.

Scouring pads and tea towels.

They are normally used to clean the dishes, the worktop or other kitchen surfaces, so they are constantly in contact with dirt. It is therefore advisable to wash them continuously or replace them with new ones when they are worn out.

  • But if there is one place that stands out, it is the sink, where even more germs can hide than in the toilet. The use of damp cloths, the presence of leftover food, grease and the constant use of water facilitates the concentration of thousands of bacteria.

  • Fresh food, including meat and fish, is stored in the fridge, so it is necessary to keep it extremely clean to prevent germs from multiplying inside the appliance. The ideal is to clean it every so often to avoid possible food poisoning. For this reason, Effective Cleaning Services has a special service focused on the cleaning of fridges and ovens.

Rubbish bins

Are another of the objects we have in the kitchen that also contain a lot of bacteria. Although it is one of the containers we use the most to get rid of dirt, we hardly ever remember to clean it. Regular disinfection is the key to keeping it germ-free. And the excuse that it is covered with a bin liner is no excuse.


Along with the kitchen, this room is the place where most bacteria accumulate. Although it may seem a contradiction, it is true, the place where we go to wash ourselves is one of the spaces that accumulates the most germs.

Within this room, we highlight the toilet and the toilet brush as the places with the most bacteria. This is due to the use that they are given and the humidity that is present. It is recommended that these are cleaned regularly, preferably at least once a week.

Another key point to take into account is the toothbrush cup. This accumulates food debris and bacteria that easily proliferate due to the temperature and humidity in the bathroom. Home cleaning experts recommend replacing this glass with another object that fulfils this function and is less dirty, but if this is not possible, it should be cleaned twice a week.

We should also pay attention to the shower and bathtub because germs and dirt from the remains of soap and water accumulate on their surfaces and joints (not everything goes down the drain). They are also ideal spaces for the proliferation of viruses and bacteria as they are damp and warm. In the case of showers and bathtubs, it is recommended to wash them once or twice a week with a disinfectant detergent.

Living room

Although the living room appears on this list, it does not accumulate as many bacteria as the two previous rooms. However, special care should be taken in areas with textiles. The most critical points in living rooms are usually sofas, armchairs and chairs, because we sit on them with the same clothes we have been wearing in the street.

Another critical point is the carpets, where we step on them barefoot, with socks and even with our street shoes. This not only causes bacteria to accumulate on the carpet, but also transports them throughout the house.

It is therefore important to wash these items regularly.

Having talked about specific rooms and objects found in them, we would like to name some elements that also accumulate dirt and can be found in different rooms of the house.

  • Switches and doorknobs: we are constantly touching these objects, with clean or dirty hands, which favours the proliferation of bacteria.

  • Floor: the floors of the house are one of the places with the most micro-organisms. We carry the dirt we carry in our slippers all over the house.

  • Taps: this is an element that we use continuously and which is exposed to all kinds of viruses and bacteria. In this case, it is recommended that taps are cleaned daily in general, and thoroughly every time you clean the sink or washbasin.

  • Remote control: We all use the remote control without washing our hands first, so imagine the amount of germs and bacteria it accumulates over time. Swab it with alcohol from time to time to disinfect or wrap it in cling film and change it periodically.

In general, we can say that the places where bacteria proliferate the most are those where food, drinks are continuously collected or where there is humidity.

Cleaning shower seals, doorknobs, taps, floors, sinks... and countless other places in the house sounds overwhelming. Don't worry about it and trust Effective Cleaning Services to carry out this task. With our general and deep cleaning services you will never have to worry about germs in the house again.

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