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All you ever wanted to know about deep cleaning

fridge cleaning
Fridge cleaning

One query we often receive from visitors to our website is in regard to deep cleaning. Our visitors want to know exactly what the deep clean service entails and why they should invest in the service. Today, we are going to answer all you ever wanted to know about deep cleaning.

Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

The most frequent question we get is how regular weekly cleans stack up against deep cleans. While some of the tasks in a regular cleaning might be a part of deep cleaning, the deep clean process is far more in depth. Take a peek.

Regular Cleaning is your weekly cleaning routine. These will include the chores that keep your home looking great week after week. The process takes three hours and it includes:

· Wiping away dust from all furniture

· Hoovering the carpets

· Mopping floors

· Wiping down kitchen counters and appliances

· Cleaning the bathrooms

· Dusting the window sills

Deep Cleaning covers all those tasks, then takes it way beyond the basics. In fact, deep cleaning should be done every 6 months or so to keep your home spic and span on every surface. In addition to the regular cleaning chores, a deep cleaning covers the following:

· Cleaning of the skirting boards

· Electrical plugs and outlet covers are wiped down

· Light shades cleaned

· Wiping down of the window blinds and window frames

· Hoovering behind and under the furniture

· Removal of cobwebs

· Wiping down of dirty walls (if safe for the surface)

· Cleaning of mirrors

· Wall photos dusted

· Scrubbing of shower tiles

· Doors and doorknobs cleaned

Additionally, there can be options added on such as cleaning the inside of the oven cleaned, carpets deep cleansed, or the inside of the fridge cleaned. These are at your discretion and upon request with most residential cleaning services.

Is Deep Cleaning for a Home or a Business?

Business owners often ask us about deep cleaning their business location. Deep cleans are every bit as important for business owners as they are for homeowners.

Ask yourself this question. When are your employees the most productive? When they are happy and comfortable in their environment. What does that mean to your business? More contented employees mean the employees are apt to give their all to help you improve your revenue.

While deep cleaning is often equated with homeowners, your business can definitely benefit. Professional office cleaners can ensure that your commercial spaces are clean and eradicate germs to keep your employees healthy and, on the job, instead of at home fending off the flu.

So, you should be investing in professional cleaners to deep clean your office spaces, public and employee restrooms, break room, and kitchen area of your building. Indeed, your employees will appreciate the efforts and your investment will pay off in productivity and fewer sick days.

5 Best Benefits of Professional Deep Cleans

We also get questions about why deep cleans are beneficial. The reasons are many, but we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are the 5 best benefits of having a deep clean done by professional cleaners.

· Healthier Home: Your home accumulates germs, dust, moulds, mildews, and other contaminants. These harbour bacteria, viruses, and might even cause allergies and asthma. Deep cleans every 6 months will help to keep these issues in check.

· Make a Great Impression: Visitors to your home judge you on the appearance. It’s unfair, but it’s true! Professional cleaners can help you make a great impression when a visitor enters your home. They will see that your home is free of cobwebs, dirty windows, or funky carpet odours. This is the way to greet visitors and leave a lasting impression.

· Holds Home Value: A well-maintained home will hold its value over one that is left uncared for. When you have professional deep cleaning, you will become more attuned to keeping up every part of your home’s appearance. In the long term, this will help your home hold value.

· Creates Free Time: A professional cleaning service can handle deep cleaning for you while you’re away at work. Every few months, you should schedule this to prevent yourself from being saddled with these unpleasant heavy chores. Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time with your friends or family than with your mop and bucket?

· Professional Quality: When you book a pro cleaning service to attend to your deep cleaning, you’ll find it easier to keep up with your daily housekeeping chores. The cleaners will scrub every surface until it sparkles, and you’ll strive to keep it that way! This will ensure that your deep clean remains fresh and clean even longer.

How Often Should I Book a Deep Cleaning?

The frequency of deep cleaning is another bit of advice that I’m often asked. The truth is that there is no simple answer to this question.

Industry standards were once every six months, often called “spring cleaning” and “fall cleaning.” However, think about the of the visible dust that accumulates on your furnishings every week. Add to that mix the microscopic pollutants that you can’t see with your eyes. Think of pet dander, dust mites, and bacteria.

Do you really want to wait six months in between deep cleaning? Some clients, especially those who have less mobility or suffer from illnesses, have us deep clean with much greater frequency. The real question isn’t how often you should book a deep clean.

Indeed, the true question is this:

How long can you keep up with those chores that keep your home germ-free in between your deep clean appointments?

You might decide to book more frequently; that choice is yours alone.

Book Now!

Now that we’ve taken time to fully explore the importance of deep cleaning and address your most frequent concerns, I truly hope that you’ll take the next step. Book now, and we will get you on our calendar. We will have your home shined up and create a healthier environment for your family. We are looking forward to serving the deep cleaning needs of your residence or office.

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