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5 Reasons why deep cleaning your home is so important during Summer

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Summer brings us so much fun, and we love it… But the way it turns our house into a messy, dirty, sandy, and stinky area reminds us of how important a summer deep cleaning is to keep our own territory clean and healthy. So, let’s get started on our five reasons why deep cleaning is important.

1. Summer deep cleaning removes bacteria and germs

The first reason to make summer cleaning especially a thorough deep cleaning is that bacteria and germs grow much faster in hot and humid/wet conditions kindly provided by summer. Sounds like a total buzz kill because all of us crave rest and positive emotions, not rubbing and scrubbing… But worries apart! We’ll share wonderful summer cleaning tips on how to keep your home fresh and sterile from all that nasty “microbiology” and – what is even more important – do it without losing the summer fun.

While most of us like to think of the summer months as a chance to take a break and bask in the warm weather, our chores don’t just go on hold because we want them to.

In fact, summer is actually a time when you may need to spend a little more time thinking about cleaning. Here are five big reasons that should be on your mind during the “hot days” of summer.

2. A summer home refresh is crucial for your family’s health

Clean bedroom

We all have heard about the importance of spring cleaning aimed at decluttering our houses of grime accumulated during the cold season. However, we easily forget that a hot period represents an even bigger danger. Bacteria thrive in warm and wet areas like the bathroom, which is used more often during summer. Sand, dirt, dust, and allergens are being tracked into our houses contaminating carpets, bed linen, and home textile.

Our kids are home from school during summer, and every mom knows how much it adds to the regular mess she must deal with. And now that they are home, you become fully responsible for making your house a healthy area for them.

If exciting summer activities and children staying home don’t leave you enough time for rubbing and scrubbing, you can always leave your summer house refreshed to professional cleaners. It doesn’t prove you are a bad mother. Rather the opposite – you’ll spend more quality time with your little ones while house cleaning service professionals will spruce up and disinfect your house so that you can come back REFRESHED to a REFRESHED house. This would never happen if you handled the whole process yourself.

We still would like to share some easy tips on how you can optimize your home to make it easier to clean and, as a result, germ-free.

3. The children will be at home

Children on holiday

If you have kids, then you know that summer means a lot more family time. After all, the little ones are out of school for a few months, with only summer camp (and maybe video games) to keep them occupied.

On the one hand, this means more time to spend with your loved ones. And that’s wonderful! But on the other hand? The kids being home can also mean a lot more work for moms, dads, and caretakers.

Now there’s more time for the kids to break out all of their toys – and leave them scattered all over the place. More time to tear through all of the arts and crafts supplies, or to leave muddy show prints on the carpets.

And, at the same time, summer is also when a lot of extended families come together. Whether for cookouts, summer birthdays, family reunions, or just a stop-over on a long road trip, the summer months often find family aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents popping in – sometimes with short notice!

Prepping your guest bedroom, cleaning up your outdoors, and making your kitchen and living rooms look presentable: These are all important steps to take before a family drop-in. But in the summer? These everyday jobs become more important than ever!

4. Summer brings its own sort of chaos

You’ve probably heard the expression, "April showers bring May flowers.” But what do July thunderstorms bring? In our experience, summer downpours bring a whole lot of mud, wet spots, and other yucky stuff into your home.

While summer is a magical, romantic time, it’s easy to forget that the warm months also bring their own set of cleaning challenges.

Besides the mud and muck that comes from summer storms, think about all those other unique summer annoyances. What is it for your home? Maybe all the dirt and leaves get tracked in after your house’s master gardener finishes with the yard? Or perhaps it’s all the sand that comes in after a long day at the beach? Maybe it’s the sweat stains that always seem to end up on your couch after a particularly humid day.

Or think about this. Summer is a time when a lot of us go on trips. Whether a weekend road trip or a long vacation to a dream destination, a lot of people vacate their homes over the summer, this can mean a mad scramble to clean before you take off. Or, worse, it might mean killing your vacation mood by having to immediately clean when you get back.

unsorted clothes

In all of these cases, it helps to be proactive! A housekeeping routine can do wonders when it comes to the common cleaning hassles that come with summer weather. And planning ahead of time can help busy world travellers ensure that their homes are pristine by the time they return home.

5. Cleaning can help you remain cool

Floor cleaning
Floor cleaning

Summer means long days, family fun, and hot weather. Lots and lots of hot weather. In many places, it’s common for the temperature to climb into the 90s, and then linger there for days.

When the weather gets sweltering, we all do whatever we can to help stay cool. Well, did you know that strategically cleaning your home may just help you beat the summer heat? It’s true!

Consider your air conditioning vents, for example.

These spots can be a huge gathering point for dust and other allergens. Over time, as your vents gather dust, they send out less and less cool air. For allergy sufferers, this build-up can also make it harder to breathe naturally. A simple cleaning can help air flow better, and keep you cooler, even on the hottest days of the year.

Similarly, a little bit of tidying can make your whole home feel cleaner and more inviting and help make your space feel cooler. For instance, putting an organizing plan in place could help you clear away the areas around your vents, promoting better air circulation. You could also take some time to properly store your winter clothes and toys out of sight and in a spot where they won’t be getting in anyone’s way during the summer.

How we here at Effective Cleaning Services can help you truly enjoy your summer

Now, we didn’t point out all these things to ruin your summer vibes! Exactly the opposite! We love summer here at Effective Cleaning Services for all the reasons we mentioned. Time at the beach, fun with family and friends… In a lot of ways, there’s nothing better!

In fact, we love summer so much that we want to make sure you get to truly enjoy yours. That’s where our services can help! With a cleaning team on your side, you can leave the dirty work to us, and get back time for the most important things in your life!

Here at Effective Cleaning Services, we have the best cleaners in Cork who always try to make your life less stressful! Whether you’re looking for a deep clean, routine general Cleaning, or service for a special event, or office cleaning we can help! With professionally trained and trustworthy cleaners, all of our cleanings are fully customizable to meet your unique needs. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our service, that we offer the Effective Cleaning Services guarantee! If our cleaning services should ever fail to meet your expectations, you can call us within 12 hours of your cleaning, and we will send out a supervised crew to correct anything that needs attention.

Ready to make the rest of your summer cleaning “a breeze?” get in touch today for your free quote!

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