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4 Compelling Reasons it is difficult to get reliable cleaners in Cork?

professional cleaner
Professional cleaner

We have been in the cleaning industry long enough to realize that it is difficult for cleaning companies and individuals to get reliable cleaners in Cork City and County. The value of cleaning is not really appreciated by a lot of people and some businesses, although it is something we need to do regularly. But why is it difficult to get reliable cleaners?

1. Job Security an impediment to getting reliable cleaners in Cork

There is no job security in most cleaning jobs. Individuals and some small businesses take cleaning as a luxury. It is something they feel they can do on they own if they have time or if their financial resources are limited. Cleaners are be promised an ongoing job only to be terminated in a few weeks. Cleaners now know this reality and they do their job why searching for something more secure. In some cases it is the cleaners who leave after they find other opportunities.

2. Foreign workers

Most cleaning jobs are done by foreign workers, especially from Eastern Europe. To most of them this is a stepping stone until they get other better paying jobs in factories, restaurants and nursing homes. Some of them would have came to Ireland for a specific period and return back to their homes countries.

3. English Language Students

The English language students especially from Brazil are now forming a large part of people looking for cleaning and restaurant jobs in Cork. Their study permit only allows them to work 20 hours per week and its only valid for 8 months. They have to do cleaning because they want to sustain themselves during their stay in Ireland. In other words, most of them have never cleaned professionally anywhere and they need training. It is difficult to train because the majority have poor English. It is also a nightmare for clients when they have to try and communicate with them. However, at other times you find that they are the only ones who are willing to work. Even if they work well they will leave in a few months

4. Local People

Local people generally do not like cleaning jobs. We have employed a lot of local people and the turnover was extremely very high. The few who take up the job , do not turn up on the day or they are continuously giving excuses that as a company you have to move on. It is worse especially when the economy is performing well and there are better job somewhere.

These are some of the reasons why it is quite difficult to get reliable professional cleaners in Cork. However, not all is lost, there are still many cleaning companies out there providing exceptional service.


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