We now live in a very busy world. There is less time to be home with family especially during the week. The parents are at work and the kids at school. When the family meets in the evening its for a very short time before they go to bed. Household chores especially cleaning can easily get out of control. The family can do with some minimal help to keep the house clean.

Most cleaning company and private cleaners are available to clean for some few hours once every week. This is a general type of cleaning which keep your home in a clean condition. The areas cleaned are mainly surfaces, floors, bathrooms, window sills and skirting boards. Just once a week is enough for a working family which is rarely home during the week.

Once in while, lets say once in six months, the family can request deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is much more extensive. Here everything is cleaned. Inside windows, window sills, skirting boards, doors, walls, furniture, presses, oven, fridge, utensils and many more. Deep cleaning is usually done twice or once a year. It is suitable also when moving in or out of a new house, selling/buying a house and preparing for festivals. Deep cleaning needs a cleaning company with the right expertise, equipment and chemicals to do the job.

So here is why a working family requires weekly cleaning

1. It keeps their home clean all the week

2. They get enough rest when they get home

3. It keeps the house fresh and inviting

4. It costs very little less than 50 euro per week for average houses

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