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Why cleaning is one of the most satisfying jobs?

house cleaner
House cleaner

I have been in the cleaning industry for years. First as a cleaner, then as a supervisor until l became the Manager. Things are now busy, with a lot of meetings and paperwork. Cleaning is still part of my weekly therapy. So l always allocate myself a three hour cleaning job every week. l remember how much l hated it when l started cleaning as a self employed cleaner. I felt demoralised most of the time l arrived at work in the morning. Every day was a nightmare and when l went to bed my whole body was aching. Slowly my body got used but my mind treated it as something l have to do to put food on the table.

Then one day l cleaned a very dirty house for an old lady who stayed alone. I have always felt the urge to help the vulnerable members of our society like the old and the children. So l cleaned the house of this lady thoroughly, not for money but to make sure she can maintain it for some few months before she needed another deep clean. When she entered the house that evening she called me, grateful for the transformation she saw in her house.

She told me that it felt like a new place. The house looked spacious, it smelled nice and she felt an urge to sit on the floor. I was really touched by her compliments and my life was never the same again. The word transformation kept ringing in my ears. I was transforming my client’s properties every day. I was making them feel good, love their houses and offices. I was contributing to the well being of society. Cleaning enabled me to do what l always wanted. What l always wanted is not to clean. But to transforms things in a way which brings smiles on other people.

Here are the five reasons why l think cleaning is one of the most satisfying jobs

1. The results of Cleaning job are instant

There are some jobs which take time for you to see the tangible results. Cleaning is definitely not one of them. It takes minutes to see progress. If it’s done by professionals, the results can be quite astonishing. From sticky, dull floors and surfaces to clean, gleaming floors within an hour.

2. Cleaning is fulfilling

Objectives are met the very same day most cleaning projects are done. The human soul glows in achievements. When we achieve something we feel good about ourselves and we want to achieve more next time. I have even noticed that the cleaners get better and better with the next job. The success from previous jobs is carried to the next jobs.

3. Cleaning is a remedy for boredom

Boredom is real. Whether we like or not most of us are bored at some times in our life. It does not matter whether there are people around you or you live alone, but boredom is always lurking waiting to devour us. Cleaning can push boredom away because your mind start to work on what you are doing. As you become more and more successful on the transformation, excitement creeps in. When you finish you look back at the impeccable work you have done with satisfaction.

4. Cleaning changes you

Cleaning is not a type of job which you do and when you finish you forget about it. It follows you everywhere. Back to your house after work. You start to notice that your house is not really as clean as you thought. You know what you do at work , it bothers you if your place is not to that standard. At first it starts as an obsession and you may think you have OCD and then that’s fades away and it becomes part of your life.

5. Cleaning makes you fit

Cleaning is one of the jobs where you use most part of your board parts. From scrubbing, wiping, using the ladder, kneeling under the beds etc the list is endless. It means you are in a constant exercise every day at work. People in other jobs pay for gym membership or they have to go for a walk after work or during the weekend. Most cleaners will be okay as long as they are eating healthy food.


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