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How to do gym cleaning in a few easy steps

gym cleaning


Whatever word you use completes the above sentence, that common phrase certainly applies to the gym cleaning, dance and yoga studios, sports centers, and anywhere else people go to sweat!

So, you as the owner of such a facility, want to have a spotless facility! You may choose to do it yourself, use the professionals you have to work at the facility, or hire a custodian to keep your facility clean. Any of these solutions may leave holes in your facility's cleanliness because you and they have not been trained in the latest cleaning techniques.

Best solution!

We highly recommend using Effective Cleaning Services to get the best possible results!

Why would we do this? Think about not only the sweat and germs that permeate your facility in normal times but with all the covid variations you really need to use deep cleaning services in Cork! You see, people have different hygiene habits; your facility can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful germs that cause diseases. The accumulation of dirt and grime can also cause the equipment to become sticky and retain odors, and this unpleasantness will affect the experience at your facility. Keeping your facility spotless will provide excellent referrals and is good for business. You have made a commitment to good health and using contract cleaners in Cork ensures that you’re always providing the cleanest facility to your treasured members.

Here is what we recommend!

Hire the best professional and commercial cleaning company in Cork! Why?

Here's why, they have the best tools and skills to do a deep cleaning every time they clean your facility. Not just deep cleaning but disinfection using the latest in steam cleaning machines. Our professional cleaners have been trained and have much more experience in dealing with odors, dirt, and grime than you or your staff could ever acquire, and this is so very important in maintaining member confidence in your facility. Masking body odours and surface cleaning by you and your staff may seem to work but that does not eliminate the musty smells that permeate many facilities because of a build-up germ that causes these odors.

Steam cleaning is by far the best solution used by our professionals for gym cleaning!

Steam Cleaning
Cleaning equipment

Our professional steam cleaning equipment is designed along with the trained professionals who run this equipment to deep clean the smells at the source, which is usually in the porous materials within your facility.

Our professional steam cleaning equipment properly run uses pressurized vapor from boiling water to clean right to the source and at the same time can even kill some of the bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Because our professional steam cleaning equipment uses high-heat vapors, the vapor cleans and evaporates quickly which does not damage any metal surfaces.

Most of the surfaces in your facility like sealed/unsealed concrete, steel, stainless steel, and most vinyl surfaces may be steam cleaned with no damage to the materials. This ensures the sterilization of all materials touched by our steam cleaning machines.

Additional support for free!

You have two types of members in your facility, those who clean up after themselves and those who don't! We recommend supplying wet wipes, sanitized cloths and spray bottles and hand sanitizers. Of course, there is a cost for these very important cleaning materials but those members who use them will gladly wipe down the machine after use and if they see it hasn't been wiped down, even before use, that is a great way to keep equipment cleaned and maintained between deep cleanings.

Our cleaning company can keep you well stocked with excellent and affordable wet wipes and hand sanitizers that will be stationed throughout the facility where they are needed most.

Hand sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that along with the wet wipes, cleaning cloths, and spray bottles, the spray bottles and hand sanitizers will be provided with at least 70% alcohol for quick but effective sanitation? This eliminates the spread of germs and mold and is great for your image of providing a facility that cares for overall wellness through cleanliness!

We recommend prioritizing high-touch areas and equipment

I would suggest that everything inside a gym is touched often. However, it’s inefficient to clean something every time someone is done using it. We recommend that you focus on the specific parts that are the most exposed. You know, the handles and buttons of exercise machines, weight, foam rollers, stability balls, and yoga mats.

Also remember our cleaning specialists will disinfect light switches, doorknobs, and handles, as well as public lockers, benches, and tables on our regular scheduled visits so everything is in tip-top cleanliness on a very regular basis!

We don't forget the reception area

Gym reception
Gym reception

Last but certainly not least, we will clean the front desk, as well as other areas and items that are otherwise not “gym-related.” The front desk is the first impression of your facility, and we want to make it a good one! Cleaning includes desktops, keyboards and keypads, telephones, tablets, and your entry/check-in system. If there is any equipment or facilities that require touchpad access, we will disinfect them as often as possible to eliminate the transfer of germs to treasured members.

Remember for the best results!

Again, to make things easier, we recommend you hire Effective Cleaning Services to handle all your major cleaning needs. This will allow you and your staff to focus on more management-oriented and service-related responsibilities, so you can improve the productivity and operational efficiency of your facility. Yes, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to the care of your professional facility and the treasured clients who keep you in business! For a review of your facility and a free quote please contact:


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