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House deep cleaning tips ‐ cleaning like a pro

domestic cleaner
domestic cleaner

House cleaning is a never ending exercise which is time consuming and boring to most of us. A regular wipe and clean now and then will keep your house in a good condition. However, a house deep cleaning is needed once a month if you are some one who wants to live in pristine conditions. l compiled some ways which you can use to deep clean your house like a pro.

1. Start cleaning from the top to bottom when doing house deep cleaning.

This is regardless of the room you start with.This is so that any dust and dirt can fall to the ground and you will clean it up last. House deep cleaning needs a methodical way to do it.

2.When working in bedrooms, you can start by stripping bed linen and remarking the beds.

Put away the clutter in the baskets and store in the closet. You can organise them later

3. When working on the bathroom, start by clearing all the clutter on the counters.

Then spray the tub and counters with a cleaner and let it sit as you scrub the toilet. Also wipe the external surface of the toilet seat. Then wipe down the mirror and finally mop the floor.

4. Get a big rubbish bag and walk around your house picking litter and dumping it in the bag.

Once you are done empty this bag into your bins. Throw away anything which is of no use.

5. Dust the surfaces in your house.

Use two pieces of microfiber cloth for this. One cloth spray with spray ledge, you will use this to dust wooden surfaces. While you can wet the other cloth with water, use this to wipe metallic and plastic surfaces. Go through the whole house dusting all the surfaces.

6. When working in the kitchen, load the dishwasher.

Fill the sink with hot soapy water and clean the stove parts and wipe it down. Wipe down all the appliances and finally mop the floors.


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