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Cleaning tips for Landlords.

As a landlord, you want to make a good impression when welcoming new tenants. In order to achieve this, you need make sure that they are greeted by a well, decorated, fresh and clean home. This can be difficult at times when you have a constant stream of new visitors as each tenant is different. However, there are steps you can take to make the maintenance of your property a little more manageable. Here we give you some cleaning tips for landlords,

As a landlord, you’ll be aware that there are lots of things to consider when renting out a property, especially with so many legislation's and legal requirements surrounding the buy-to-let market.

As a new landlord or property manager, you’ll find that this is one of the toughest parts of the job. Even if you’re well-versed in the business, you probably find preparing for a change in tenancy a constant challenge. One thing to remember: cutting corners is never a good way to manage a property, and it can help to have a list to reference and ensure you cover all your bases.

Here’s a basic checklist to help you out as you manage your tasks as a new landlord.

Damage Deposit, tops the list of the cleaning tips for landlords

Firstly, get a damage deposit, this will encourage tenants to do the bulk of the cleaning before returning the property to you. It will also give you a sense of security leaving your home in the hands of people you have just met. This will also give the opportunity to create a more personal relationship with your tenants. Having good relationships with your tenants can make you understand who they are, what kind of things they may be interested in. For example, getting to know them can give you an idea on what they beliefs and values are. This will give you a chance to give them the set of keys that they will need, the ins and out of the property as well.

Maintain Photographic Records for all Properties.

Remember as a landlord you will need to protect and defend your position sometimes. Keeping visual evidence is the best way to defend your position should any disputes or additional charges arise after a tenant moves in or out. Photographs aren’t always taken as absolute proof, but they are a good way to clear matters up, as well as maintain a record of what the property looks like before they moved in and out over time.

For all of your properties, take the time to thoroughly document the living spaces. This will save you some work if you need to get a listing up quickly or lack the funds for professional photos. These days, quality before-and-after shots can be taken with a digital camera or almost any smartphone.

Clean, clean, and clean some more.

Taking the time to do a checklist of a complete and thorough deep cleaning of all residences is essential for both re-leasing a unit and identifying any issues that need to be addressed.

Cleaning wise, let’s start with the floors, this is possibly the dirtiest and most time-consuming part of the home to clean. So, pick an easy clean surface, such as stained concrete or laminate flooring. Avoid carpet. Carpet can be difficult to clean and expensive to replace if ruined. But if you do decide to choose a property with a carpet, we at Effective Cleaning Services can assist with doing a deep cleaning which consists of carpet cleaning as well. We create a detailed checklist covering the deep cleaning process, and you as the landlord can create a second list that includes residential maintenance and upkeep points. Potential checklist items include cleaning appliances, testing light fixtures, sanitizing hard surfaces, shampooing any carpet you aren’t replacing.

After all that work is done, go back and clean the important areas again. Start with the kitchen and any dining areas, which can make or break a new rental agreement if they’re perceived as dirty. Go over the unit’s bathroom and bedroom with a trained eye to identify any plumbing issues, leaks, mold, or mildew. Failing to thoroughly clean or replace a properties toilet and tub / shower can also be a deal breaker for potential tenants as they’ll be considering maintaining their personal hygiene in those areas while touring your property.

Patch and paint the walls.

Between tenancies is the best time to patch, repair, and paint an apartment or home. Do this at least once per year, or more often if feasible. As most tenants pay attention to the walls and the surroundings of the property, as the new landlord you need to make sure fresh paint should be applied to all indoor areas of the property, including walls, doors, trim, and ceilings. The nature of your property will determine how often you should consider repainting your property outside, but keep in mind that paint is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing curb appeal. New patchwork and painting make a property appear fresh to potential tenants, so don’t skimp on this expense. Clean, scuffed walls are still scuffed and remind tenants that they’re not the first inhabitants of your unit/property, detracting from potential feelings of having found their new home.

Repair and inspect plumbing.

Plumbing leaks are one of the most damaging and expensive issues that arise in rental properties. Floors, walls, and ceilings can all be impacted by water damage. Flooding can damage multiple unites/properties in a very short time and is one of the costliest problems a property owner can incur.

There is plenty of time to inspect, review, replace, and repair plumbing within each of your units/properties, if of course you plan ahead. This is the best investment you can make to ensure the longevity of your properties. Plumbing maintenance and repair are ongoing expense for smart property managers seeking long-term success. You need to make sure plumbing is always in your budget because emergencies can always happen.

Also keep in mind that not fixing plumbing issues can cause an increase in your water bill as leakage of taps and pipes can increase your water usage even though you may not be using the water as much. So always have your nearest plumbers contact details for any bursts or leakages that may happen.

property for rent
Property for rent

Remember, both you as the landlord and tenants are both responsible for keeping the property in good condition. Keeping good communication with your tenants will not only make your life easier but to avoid many misunderstandings amongst each other.

If you may need a cleaning service to assist you to prepare for your new tenants, you can always contact us: or give us a call on 021 202 1153.


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