Have you ever gone to a neighbour or family member house and notice that it looks exemplary, but you never see them actually do cleaning? They are known as very organised people who have a ridge cleaning schedule. It is these schedules that help to reduce the time spent cleaning. You are best to get yourself into a cleaning routine. They say that cleaning is calming for your mind. Sometimes you might not realize how much you can get done without thinking about cleaning! As a working mum I always try to find time to clean my house daily as its better. You never know when someone is going to knock on your door. I always use different products for cleaning different items within the house.

Some of the things in your house that you're likely forgetting to clean on the regular can spread flu and other viruses and harmful bacteria. Right about now, you might be thinking of putting yourself in a plastic bubble because there seems to be no way to escape germs.

By breaking down housework into manageable tasks sorted by day, week, month, season, and year, you can pretty much put cleaning on autopilot. The best part is that? Just in a few minutes here and there can make a huge difference.

Here are a few tips I would like to share with you:

1. Make your bed – Everyone should make their own beds. If you have young children who forget to make their beds just make them. From time to time you might have children who are leaning to go to the toilet and accidents may occur. Strip the bed of the dirty sheets and put them in the washing machine for cleaning. I feel if I don’t have the bed dressed it’s an untidy room and to me, I can’t relax.

2. Laundry – Keep on control of the laundry if you forget to do laundry it can take over the house. In my house I have three laundry baskets, one for white clothes, one for colour clothes and another for black clothes. Come up with a system that helps you the best. For me I start doing coloured clothes first but everyone different.

3. Dishes/ Pots – If you have a dishwasher use it. I stack mine and put it on every night. Every morning before I go to work, I empty it. If you don’t have a dishwasher simple wash your dishes and pots and put them away.

4. When you cook – Always clean while you cook. This means you will have less to do when you have finish cooking.

5. When I come home from work or school run the first thing I do when I walk in the door is that I make sure that all shoes are taken off. The less dirt you bring into your home the less dirt you will need to clean up!

6. Kitchen – Every day I clean my kitchen counter top and kitchen table. The Kitchen is the most important area of the house as this is the area you prepare and eat food.

7. At night time before bed I always give the floor a hoover and then I mop it as it means I can sleep better knowing the house is cleaned.

8. Declutter – Get rid of things you do not use and if there is something you need then store it away.

9. Mirror/ Tv – I always find that the tv and mirror get dust on them. In the evening I make sure to polish the tv and mirror.

10. Photo frames – They are put on the wall to look at but to be honest a lot of people forget to clean photo frames. To me it takes less than 5 minutes just use a damp cloth and cif cleaner.

11. Dirty Cloths – Always clean kitchen cloths

12. Kitchen Sinks – After cleaning dishes you should clean your kitchen sink. Bacteria and grime can build on your kitchen sink. I use a sponge to remove the brown marks. I also plug the drain, filling the basin with warm water, and mixing a tablespoon of bleach around. Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse and air dry. Also, I put Mr Muscle drain cleaner down to unblock the drain and to get rid of nasty smells.

13. Bathrooms – I think this is the worse job everyone hates the most. I always start with the shower making sure the walls and floor is cleaned and the drain is cleared. Then I move to the bath and bathroom sink. I always use a toilet brush to clean the toilet and make sure to clean every part of it.

14. Windows – Clean windows are better they leave more sun into your house and you can see any unwanted visitors better.

15. Pillows – Make sure to stick your pillows in the washing machine and clean them as they are full of dead skin and dust mites. If they are extremely bad put in bin and get new pillows.

16. Book shelfs – Remove everything from the shelf clean it then if you’re like me I like to polish it just to give it the extra shine. Make sure to put everything back.

17. Dust staircase banisters and hoover/mop stairs.

18. Throughout the house – wipe pet and hand prints from windows and glass doors.

19. In the kitchen - Wipe the inside of the oven, microwave, and toaster oven.

20. Empty trash bins and wipe the insides and outsides. This keeps germs away.

It is easy to put cleaning off. However, it often means there is more to do when you eventually get around to the task, just get up and moving and you will feel so much better. Delegating tasks to each member of the family will get things done faster and easier and ensures that the burden doesn't fall on one person.

A happy clean home always makes a happy life.