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How to choose the best Cleaning company in Cork

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Cleaning services increase in popularity year after year. As we become more tech-driven as a society, demands of career weigh on us. Employers expect us to use technologies that allow us to produce more work in the same number of hours, leaving us exhausted.

In fact, our hectic and fast-paced life and hunger for productivity are what has driven cleaning services back into popularity. Cleaners allow you to do the tasks that earn you the most money and leave those details to professionals who will leave your home or office fresh, clean, and ready for a new day.

But with so many cleaners in the market, how do you know which one is the best cleaning company? Whether you’re seeking a residential cleaning company or a commercial cleaner, here are a few tips for vetting cleaners.

Questions to ask when hiring a Cleaning company

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Choosing House Cleaning Services

Your home is your refuge and fortress. You must choose your house cleaning service wisely as you’ll be entrusting the company literally with the keys to everything that you hold precious.

Here are the key questions to ask when interviewing potential cleaning services.

1. Do you conduct pre-employment background checks on employees?

This is important because it will reassure you that the cleaning company has thoroughly vetted those employees who will have access to your home. This ensures both your personal safety and that of your treasured items.

2. Do you provide the cleaning supplies and all necessary equipment?

Most professional cleaning companies will provide both the supplies and all necessary equipment. A company that does not may send up a red flag that they are inexperienced or new to the industry.

3. Is your cleaning company insured ?

Despite the best of intentions, accidents can happen. An insured company will be able to cover the cost of an accidentally broken item or other mishaps in your home.

4. How do you handle pets?

If you’re a pet owner, it’s natural that you will worry about how your pet will react to cleaners working in your home. Make sure that the cleaning crew is aware of your pet and knows only to come on specific days so that you can have your pet safely kenneled or contained


5. Is the quality of your work guaranteed?

Professional cleaners welcome the chance to answer this question. This is because they stand 100% behind the quality of their work. They train their employees to do the job right and maintain high standards.

6. How do you gain entry to my property?

Finally, find out how the cleaners prefer to gain entry into your home. This will eliminate and confusion, especially when they arrive to perform that first service. They may request you to hide a key in a certain spot or ask you to refrain from setting your home security system on cleaning days.

7. Can you provide a written quotation?

A written quotation will help prevent any misunderstandings about tasks that are included in the weekly service vs. tasks that are extras such as deep cleans. It is also the place to note the expected frequency of services.

Choosing Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you have an office that needs weekly cleaning, or you need daily restaurant cleaners, or even construction site cleanings, it’s important to partner with the best commercial cleaning service. You will want to ask questions that will reassure you that you are partnering with the right company to do a job well-done.

Here are some pointers on what questions to ask when you interview them.

1. Ask them all of the questions from above

(minus the pet safety question, unless you do have an office mascot).

2. What type of training do you provide for your employees?

Commercial cleaning is very different from residential cleaning. This is especially true if you’re in a specialized industry as opposed to an office. Commercial cleaners should know how to run additional equipment such as floor waxing equipment and buffers.

3. What is your quality control process?

Large commercial projects should have a site supervisor who spot checks work behind employees. This allows the companies to better train employees who need some extra help and bring them up to snuff.

4. How long have they been in business?

While it’s true that everybody has to start somewhere, it’s more beneficial to you as a customer to partner with a company with the experience to get your job done right. While a start-up might offer lower fees, they are usually largely untested companies. The last thing you need is to worry about the cleaning service in your hectic day.

5. Do you work under a contract?

A commercial cleaning contract will provide you with the assurance of the cleaners arriving on the agreed-upon schedule, the entire scope of work, the rates, and payment terms. If you have all these details set out in writing in advance of the first service, it will ensure that your company will receive everything it requires. This will protect you if the company fails to produce the service and fails to make right for you.

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